Google’s Switch-To-Android Site Helps Sad iPhone Users Get Tech Happy Again

switch iphone to android

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If you are currently using an iPhone, chances are you are sad. Why do I assume that you are sad? We all know that you’d rather be on Android, yet you keep hesitating to break free because all of your out-of-touch friends who still think iPhones are a status symbol and that they’ll be left behind without iMessage, won’t join you. And look, they probably never will, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to find happiness. You deserve this, my friend.

To help your transition over to a smartphone world filled with diversity, openness, and less “courage,” Google has put together a simple set of steps on a newly revamped Switch website. The steps to get you easily over to Android from iOS are pretty easy and basically involve installing Google Drive. I’m not kidding, it’s that easy. 

In the tutorial, which you can find here, Google shows you that migrating to Android is as simple as installing Google Drive, telling it what you want backed up (contacts, calendar events, photos & videos), letting it finish backing up, and then signing in to your same Google account on your new Android phone to let everything restore. Oh, don’t forget to kill iMessage too.

To get started, install the Google Drive iOS app.




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