These are the Top Allo Feature Suggestions You Made to Google

allo vs hangouts

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Since launching Allo a few weeks back, the Allo team at Google has been compiling the suggestions you have submitted that you think could help improve the smart messaging app. Googler and Allo co-lead, Justin Uberti, took to Twitter last night to share the top suggestions, though he was quick to make it clear that this is just a list of suggestions, not a list of future features they plan to include. 

The list is as follows:

  • Assistant features
  • Desktop app
  • Duo integration
  • File sharing
  • Quick Reply
  • SMS
  • Themes

I like that list! Well, I do wish “Multi-device use” and “syncing between devices” were on there, but most of that list is the stuff I talked about in this post about why Allo isn’t the messaging app for me. Should Google toss in a desktop app, Duo integration, file sharing, SMS, and quick replies that aren’t just canned Allo answers, it would certainly be something to consider again.

What about you? Is this a list of features that would get you to start using Allo again? Because, according to this poll, 75% of you already ditched it.

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