T-Mobile Tuesdays Struggles for 3rd Straight Week, Offers Extended Through Friday

t-mobile tuesdays

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T-Mobile Tuesdays was billed as a way for the growing wireless (un)carrier to thank and reward all customers with free sh*t on a weekly basis. Dinner and a movie was the biggest selling point, but T-Mobile wanted to give out free Lyft rides, swag to MLB.com, and Frosties from Wendy’s too. Of course, we already saw the dinner and a movie idea fall through after just two weeks of Domino’s struggling to keep up and now, in our third week, the bumps aren’t softening. 

T-Mobile was once again hit with more traffic to their T-Mobile Tuesdays service than they could handle, prompting the company to announce that they were extending the free offers through Friday this week.

According to T-Mobile’s Twitter, some 5 hours after they first confirmed that the apps were “experiencing very high volumes right now,” the apps should be working fine now, but they are still giving you all until the end of the week to grab a Lyft ride, MLB swag, and the Vudu movie.

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