Facebook Messenger Update Brings Usernames, Links, and Messenger Codes

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With an update set to rollout today┬áto all users, Facebook’s Messenger app will offer the ability for you to create your very own username on the service. This username can then be used for others to more easily find you, rather than searching by name. For example, if you love cats and beer, your username can be BuzzedKitty. The choice of username will be up to you.

In addition to your very own username, the Messenger team is implementing Messenger Codes, which can be used sorta like how Snapchat uses codes. If you and a group of friends are hanging out, you can share your specific Messenger codes to add each other on the service. The same can be done if you are at a convention for work, or any other place that you might want to add new users on the service. Codes are circular and embeddable into emails, websites, business cards, or anywhere else you want people to see it. It is 100% unique to your account.

Facebook is also rolling out these changes for businesses, making it easier and more personal when you chat with a brand or business on Facebook. For example, brands can pre-write a welcome message to those who are about to send a message through Messenger.

Be on the lookout for an update to your Messenger app through Google Play.

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