Nexus 6P Update to MHC19I Will Also Introduce a Number of Improvements

nexus 6p white

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On Tuesday, a Nexus community manager showed up at reddit to inform Nexus 5X owners that they would finally be receiving their jank-fixing update. The update would rollout as special build MHC19J, with not only bug fixes and the latest security patches, but stability, connectivity, and performance enhancements as well. Of course, Nexus 6P owners were wondering why they weren’t getting the same love.

Yesterday, during the surprise release of Android N, Google quietly snuck in a new factory image for the 6P (which we noted here) with a similar build number that is also a substantial update. Orrin, the Nexus community manager, returned to reddit to confirm as much. 

The update, which is build MHC19I, includes a “number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability and performance.” We’re talking “general device performance,” but also fixes for the disappearing Do Not Disturb next alarm option, some carrier-specific stuff, and connectivity issues.

The over-the-air update should have started, so let us know if you get it.

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