You Can Now Customize Swipe Actions in Yahoo Mail, Use Actionable Notifications

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An update for Yahoo Mail hit Google Play this morning, bringing an Inbox-like feature that will allow users to more quickly organize their email inbox. Upon loading it up, users will see the added ability to add custom actions for swiping gestures, such as archive, delete, move to, and others. This update goes hand-in-hand with a previous update that brought the swiping actions.

These custom actions make organization a breeze, given you no longer need to dive into each email to send them to their correct folder or place. If it’s trash, give it a swipe to the right. If you want to mark an email as read, give it a swipe to the left. All actions are customizable, so it’s left to the user what you would like Yahoo Mail to do.

In addition to swiping actions, newly expandable notifications from Yahoo Mail will also show customizable options, such as giving an email a star or immediately archiving it. Again, these actions are completely changeable depending on what you need them to perform.

If you rock Yahoo Mail, go grab the update.

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