Yahoo App Also Gets Update, Aims to Make Finding News Easier

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Yahoo Mail isn’t the only Yahoo app to get a big update today. The Yahoo app is also getting a sizable update that is aimed at helping you “find, consume, and engage around the news, content and video you care about.” The update also wants to make it easier for you to join in on conversations surrounding news items and follow the latest in developer stories. 

A bulk of these changes seem to be happening in Yahoo for the web, where you’ll be able to read multiple articles without having to open a bunch of individual tabs. You’ll see editors’ picks, relevant content, related stories by clicking a heart icon, and be able to click through to read more. It’s one of those situations where the more you read, the more tailored to you the experience becomes.

As for the conversation piece to all of this, Yahoo has made comments surface directly in-line, so it’s easier than ever to share your trolling thoughts with the world. Because, you know, we all asked for opinions about the Earth being flat to be shared even easier.

Grab the update today, Yahoo news fans.

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