Android Pay Rewards “Tap 10” Could Land You a Free Chromecast, Songs on Google Play Music

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Google launched a new promo this morning for Android Pay that could land you a bunch of free stuff, including songs on Google Play Music and a Chromecast.

The promo is called “Tap 10” and involves paying for items with Android Pay, hence the “Tap” portion of the name. The idea is pretty simple – the more you tap and pay, the more free stuff you get. If you tap and pay once, you get to pick a free song from Google Play music. At your 2nd tap, you get another. Same thing at your 6th tap. If you continue to tap and pay for the next month and hit the 10 mark, Google will give you a free Chromecast. Yes, a free Chromecast dongle.

The Chromecast will be redeemed via promo code on the Google Store, in case you were wondering.

The promo is open now and runs through February 29, so you have some time to put in that Android Pay work. The rest of the terms and conditions can be found here.

On a side note, we aren’t yet seeing this promo in our Android Pay app. I’d imagine this is a part of the update that is rolling out this week, so if you get it, feel free to open Android Pay and see. If you don’t normally use Android Pay and are now considering it just to receive a free Chromecast, you might want to wait until you see the promo show up in the Android Pay app. According to a reader who sent us the info, the Android Pay Rewards is showing up as a card in your list of cards that when tapped, brings up the UI you can see in the screenshots below with details on the promotion.

Now, get to tapping!

android pay free chromecast android pay free chromecast-3 android pay free chromecast-2

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