Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay for Online Shoppers in 2016

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In a recent interview, Thomas Ko, global co-general manager of Samsung Pay, stated that online payment support via Samsung Pay is coming soon to those in the US. Right now, Samsung Pay is limited to the latest high-end handsets from Samsung, but in 2016, the company will look to offer support for Samsung Pay to mid-range devices as well as desktop users, greatening the amount of users the service can pull in. 

While other mobile payment services are still struggling to get their foot in the door, mostly thanks to businesses being slow to adopt updated credit card terminals with NFC, Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted solution in the US. This fact is due to MST, which we have detailed many times before. Samsung Pay users with a supported device can walk into virtually any business with a credit card terminal, swipe their phone, and be on their way. If you have ever seen Samsung Pay in action, you would agree, it’s a superior experience than to using Android Pay or Apple Pay.

With a move to online support, Samsung could see higher user retention across multiple platforms, which helps to build a habit in using the service.

Are you using Samsung Pay? If so, do you completely love it or is it mostly hype?

Via: Reuters



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