Cher Wang: HTC Will Never Disappear, Big Plans for 2016

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In 2016, HTC desperately needs a hit. Industry analysts have been predicting the company’s death, with one columnist going so far as to say the company is headed for extinction next year. Speaking with the press, HTC’s CEO and chairwoman, Cher Wang, says the company is not going anywhere and will continue to have a presence in the smartphone market. 

Back in June, Wang conceded that the One M9, along with the company’s overall performance over the past few years needed an overhaul. From that talk with shareholders, it was learned that HTC would make significant “improvements in innovation and design” for their flagship phone for next year. In the most recent meeting, Wang stayed on track, stating that 2016 will be a big year for HTC.

As for what consumers in the US can expect in 2016, we should have a new flagship One device, the One M10. While we have no details as to what HTC is cooking up, we can at least hope the company has learned from past mistakes and will make the One M10 a device suitable to going up against Samsung’s 2016 lineup. In addition, it is reported HTC will continue its trek to offer premium low and mid-range devices for all budgets. Not only is HTC hoping to release a blockbuster smartphone, but the company has invested heavily in virtual reality, with the HTC Vive scheduled to see a public release in April of next year.

If HTC delivers a killer One M10 device, would you be in line to check it out?

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