AT&T Says It has More Than 27 Million VoLTE Subscribers, Does Carrier-to-Carrier VoLTE Exchange

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AT&T announced today that its voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service is king, at least in terms of subscribers. According to their numbers, their VoLTE covers more than 295 million Americans, even if only 27 million of them are actual signed up for it, which is tops in the US. That’s a lot! Good for them.

There may be bigger news than numbers out of this announcement, though, and that’s a two-sentence, end-of-paragraph mention in their news release about carrier-to-carrier VoLTE exchanges. 

AT&T said that they “saw” the first VoLTE exchange between their customers and those on another carrier. This is only available in “limited, select areas,” but is a huge deal for those of you wanting a better calling experience to everyone you know, not just those on AT&T. AT&T didn’t specify which carrier was on the other end. It could have been Verizon, since Big Red announced at the end of last year that they would be working with AT&T to make this cross-carrier interaction happen.

As you know, VoLTE allows you to place calls over LTE, which means HD Voice (clearer voice calls) and video calling in better quality. It’s the future of calling, assuming any of us call people anymore. I’m kidding, of course…sort of.

Anyone placed an HD Voice call lately? Notice a difference in quality?

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