Unlocked HTC One A9 and Moto X Line Proving Again Why Unlocked Phones are King

moto x marshmallow

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Buy unlocked phones. Please. If you want software updates the quickest, this is your best bet. It’s also going to aid in shutting up Apple tools fans in the future, but that’s not what this is about. This is about you getting updates to the newest versions of Android the fastest, so that you can experience new features and have the latest security patches. This is about you not bitching in comments across the web. This is about you not wondering 8 months from now, “What’s new in Marshmallow?” This is about you not having to deal with companies cutting off your phone’s software support in less than a year. This is probably about freedom, or something. Toss in a “‘Merica!” as well, because why not. 

If you need proof as to why unlocked phones fix many of those problems and bring you happiness, look no further than HTC and Motorola’s unlocked, carrier-free phones. Man, f*ck carriers, actually. Their excuses for holding up software updates because they are worried about their networks and the experiences on them is such horsesh*t. I don’t think anyone’s Nexus or Moto X or Moto X Pure or HTC One M9 or One A9 or One M8, for that matter, or unlocked S6 or Note 5 are killing anyone’s network. How about all of those millions upon millions of iPhones that Apple updates directly – are they killing your networks, careful little carriers?

Anyways, back to the actual topic here, which is why unlocked phones like the HTC One A9 or Moto X Pure Edition (or Nexus phones too) are continuing to prove why they are the phones you should be buying. We’ll leave Nexus phones out for a moment, because we know that Google gives them updates in a hurry and have documented plenty of times why we love them. This is about the One A9 and Moto X Pure, both of which already have Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Hell, you can even throw in last year’s Moto X (2nd Gen) “Pure Edition,” because it started getting Android 6.0 today. Outside of the LG G4 on Sprint, and Nexus devices, these are on the only phones running Marshmallow!

You know why these phones have Marshmallow before anyone else? Because the manufacturers of them don’t have to go through ridiculously long carrier testing periods (or wait in dozen long device lines) to get approval on these updates! They control them. They control the software that rolls out to them. They also control the pricing. This is why we love unlocked phones so much. This is why we’ll continue to buy them. This is why we’ll continue to hope that the Moto X Pure Edition and One A9 can be successes, at least on some level.

Seriously, go buy unlocked phones and enjoy a life full of software updates.



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