T-Mobile to Raise Pricing for Select Plans on November 15

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Yesterday, during T-Mobile’s UnCarrier X event, the company announced the amping up of Simple Choice plans. Pretty much all plans would see a doubling of the data amount they received and these changes would be absolutely free. However, now that the buzz from all of the Binge On hype is wearing off, it appears that new T-Mobile customers will end up footing a slightly larger monthly bill than existing ones. 

Most notably are those who choose the $80 Unlimited plan, which received a doubling of 7GB for high speed tethering to 14GB. A rate increase of $15 a month from $80 to $95 will take place on November 15. For the extra $15 a month, the 14GB of tethering data is still pretty good, and there is no charge for going over that limit – you will just be kicked down to much lower speeds until the next bill cycle.

In addition, T-Mobile currently has a 10GB for two lines for $100 plan. Once November 15 hits, that plan will increase to $120. Single line plans, such as the $60 for 3GB plan, will see an increase of $5 to $65 for 6GB of data. Again, you are getting double the amount of data, but there is a $5 increase in price.

It is speculated by industry insiders that a reason for these increases is the company’s new service Binge On. It allows T-Mobile customers to stream 480p video from many top providers that won’t count against their monthly data plan. It is reported that Binge On could cut T-Mobile’s data traffic by one third, leading to huge savings for the company. With the rate increases, on top of savings from less people streaming HD and Full HD content, T-Mobile plans to rake in more cash.

T-Mobile is a business after all, so none of this should come as a shocker, but if you planned on switching over to T-Mobile, you may want to do so now to lock in the cheaper prices before the rate increases take effect on November 15.

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