T-Mobile Announces Binge On, Video Streaming That Won’t Count Against Your Data

t-mobile binge on

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During UnCarrier X this morning, T-Mobile announced Binge On, a feature for T-Mobile customers that allows them to watch “DVD quality” video from select services that won’t count against their allotted monthly data total. Just like Music Freedom, as long as Binge On is turned on through your account settings, you won’t see the data used for video watching charged to your monthly bill. 

There are over 20 services available through Binge On at launch, scheduled for November 19 (November 15 for new customers), including most of the top video providers across the web. At launch, viewers can binge watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, MLB, Movieplex, NBC Sports, and Sling TV.

T-Mobile states that they have optimized the video for streaming across their network, bringing DVD quality or better straight to your device. You must note, DVD quality is listed by T-Mobile at 480p, meaning your video resolution while streaming will be around 480p or a little better. By no means are they declaring HD resolution video streaming for free.

As for those who would cite Net Neutrality practices, T-Mobile’s John Legere declares there is no prioritization taking place, as no one, not the customers and not the service providers, are paying for the optimizations taking place. For service providers, all they need to do is meet the technical requirements to become a part of the service, and T-Mobile will continue to work with content providers to add more to the Binge On list. When questioned about YouTube, Legere stated, “stay tuned.”

As mentioned previously, Binge On goes live on November 19 for existing customers and November 15 for new customers.

So, T-Mobile customers, do you plan on using this?


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