Probably Temporary: Verizon Unlimited Users Can Tether Out of the Box for Free With Moto X Pure

moto x pure edition tethering

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If you picked up a Moto X Pure Edition and are using it on Verizon with your unlimited data plan, feel free to flip on the phone’s WiFi Hotspot and see if tethering works. It’s working on my phone. It’s working for a handful of others over at XDA as well, plus a source told us it would work day 1 out of the box. And I’m talking about free WiFi Hotspot and tethering without a subscription check, not for users who pay the $29.99 per month that Verizon charges unlimited data users. 

Great, right? Who knows how long it will last. So far, though, we have been able to turn it on and connect to a number of devices without a hiccup.

Temporary fun!

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Cheers Jerry and C!



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