Apple Needs Developers to Build “Exciting New Mobile Products” for Android

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A fresh job posting from Apple potentially shows signs of Android life inside 1 Infinite Loop that doesn’t involve Apple Music. The job listing is for an “Applications SW Engineer” whose job is to help Apple “bring exciting new mobile products to the Android platform.” Ooooooh. 

9to5Mac, who first noticed the posting, seems to believe this is for a position outside of the development of the Apple Music Android app, since development of that app should be well underway with its expected arrival time of this “Fall.” While no one knows for sure, there is always a chance that Apple has realized it can grow its brand by offering up some of its other popular house-made apps, like FaceTime, Apple Maps, its brand new News app on iOS 9, or Safari. Then again, Apple probably doesn’t care if you use their free services on Android, as they would rather you buy their devices and use them. Apple Music makes sense cross-platform because there is a cost associated with using it. Hmm.

What do you think? If Apple were to introduce other apps on Android, what would it be? Or better yet, are there any of Apple’s apps that you wish were on Android?

Via:  Apple | 9to5Mac



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