HTC Themes App Showing Lovely ‘Fantastic Four’ Ad to One Owners

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We tweeted about this yesterday, but thanks to the latest promotion from HTC’s Theme app, displayed in the notification bar via a push notification, most One device owners should know exactly when Fantastic Four will hit theaters. The promoted theme will deck your phone out in a Fantastic Four wallpaper and icons, but apparently, a few owners are not very appreciative of the thinly-veiled advertisement. 

The simple fact is, we all saw this coming. It was announced a short time ago that users would begin to see promotions through the BlinkFeed software, and there was already the promoted apps widget to help users discover new apps. HTC promoting apps, movies, and other various things just isn’t all that surprising. And really, if you are a fan of Fantastic Four, it’s a win-win.

The theme is free to download and apply, but if you found yourself annoyed by a push notification (and you likely have), you can disable them from inside the Settings menu on the device. Themes is an extension of Sense Home, so if you would like turn off notifications, you will need to disable notifications for Sense Home (Settings>Apps>Sense Home).

Anyone excited for Fantastic Four this weekend?

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