AT&T Now Offers a TV/Mobile Bundle, $200 a Month for 10GB of Shareable Data Among 4 Devices

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AT&T announced the first offering of its kind this morning, coupling mobile and TV bills into one single plan. The plan attempts to make paying your bills more simple (and cheap), but for the GB hungry wireless consumers, it may not be very beneficial. For $200 a month, customers can get up to four TVs connected to HD and DVR-ready TV service, grouped with four phone lines with 10GB of data shareable among the lines. According to AT&T, this deal could save consumers $600 or more annually. 

The TV service is powered by DIRECTV, with four different tiers available to consumers at varying promotional prices. For the first 12 months, the plans range from just $50 a month, all the way up to the “DIRECTV Premiere or U-verse U-450” for $125 a month.

Customers who group a TV and eligible phone plan into a single bill are gifted a $10 bill discount, according to AT&T’s press release. If you keep both services for a full year, that’s an annual savings of $120 a year.


In select markets, AT&T is even offering customers the ability to group high-speed Internet. Starting at an additional $30 a month, users can access 6Mbps Internet, all the way up to 45-75Mbps speeds for $50 a month, on top of the $200 TV+Phone plan.

As you can see, AT&T is wasting no time in highlighting its DIRECTV service, as the two officially merged back on July 24. You can expect to see plenty of promotion for this plan in the near future.

Share your thoughts below on bill bundling, and if you think 10GB among four smart devices is viable for American families.

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