New, Simplified Invitation Settings are Rolling Out to Hangouts

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Googler Jordanna Chord announced via G+ yesterday that they are rolling out new invitation settings to Hangouts over the next day or so. These new settings should “make it easier for folks to communicate,” but from what we can tell, they are really just a simplified version of the current settings. That will surely help making communication¬†easier, but it will hopefully make controlling your settings less of a pain.¬†

You can see a preview of the new settings below, assuming you haven’t received what we can imagine is server-side switch to them on your phone or tablet. The image shows everything bundled together, with a “Recommended” button helping you take Google’s advice on how your invitation settings should work. Otherwise, you can go “Customized” and pick and choose how you receive invitations for chats.

Anyone seeing the new settings?


Via:  +Jordanna Chord



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