Facebook is Giving You More Control Over Your News Feed, Just Not a Default “Recent Posts” Setting

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Facebook announced this morning that it is ready to give you more control over what shows up your feed on a daily or hourly basis. The social network wants to “show you the stories that matter most,” but because algorithms can only do so much, they want you to fine-tune the whole experience through new News Feed Preferences.

Starting today on iOS, then Android and desktop in who knows how many weeks, you will see a new News Feed Preferences screen that gives you options for prioritizing people to always see first, another two for unfollowing or reconnecting with people, and even one for discovering new pages. 

The video below shows you how this simple interface will work, but basically you get screens with your friends or recently unfollowed foes that can be quick tapped for multiple selections. If you prioritize someone, their posts will show up at the top of your feed with little stars next to them as proof that they are a priority.

newsfeed_preferences_discover_pages newsfeed_preferences_seefirst

Of course, Facebook refuses to let you set the option we all want as the default – Recent Posts. For whatever reason, Facebook views algorithms and fine-tuning as king over the simple idea that you may want to read things in order that aren’t randomly at the top of your feed from three days ago.

Again, these new customizable options are available on iOS today. Android users, whatever.


Via:  Facebook



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