Tip: Play Music Update Gives You Specific Control Over Music That Goes to Your Android Wear Device

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Tucked away inside the newest update to Google Play Music (v6.0.1942S) are greatly improved controls over the downloaded albums or playlists that sync with your Android Wear device, should you have one connected. A user over at reddit noticed that after updating, you no longer just have the all or nothing option, where the check of a box told Play Music to either send every single thing you have downloaded to your watch (starting with the most recent) or your watch gets nothing. Instead, you can tell Play Music which albums and playlists you want sent over. 

As you can see from the screenshots, there is a new “Manage Wear downloads” option underneath the box to “Download to Android Wear.” If you open that setting, you are taken to a page that shows the storage state of your Android Wear watch, along with the playlists or albums you have downloaded that are up for transferring over. The list also shows the size of each album or playlist to help you better manage Wear storage.

In order to send an album or playlist, all you have to do is tap on it. If you don’t want something, tap it again.

Thank you, Google.

Via:  reddit



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