Google’s New Location-Aware Search is Rolling Out and Awesome

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Ever been in front of a restaurant and wondered when it opened, but didn’t want to bother with pulling out your phone, searching for its name in an app, then scrolling through information to find out its business ours? Or maybe you were standing in a park, looking at a monument and wondering just how tall that statue was? What about that lake in front of you, how deep is it? Google can answer questions like these for you, even if you don’t know the name of the restaurant, park, monument, or lake. With their recently launched (and unannounced) location-aware search, you can ask Google things about items nearby and based on your location, will give you answers. 

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land was at a conference in Paris yesterday where Google was showing off the new location-aware goodness and captured some of the examples in videos that were posted to Twitter.

Here are some of them:

How cool is that?

Google has yet to officially announce any of this, so all of the details surround it are somewhat of a mystery. Still, feel free to give it a try today as you move about your town or city.

Via:  Search Engine Land



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