Want to Win a OnePlus 2? Here are Two Contests to Enter

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OnePlus is giving three grand prize winners an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong, while also hand delivering an all-new OnePlus 2 if you have the skills needed to win. In two separate contests, you either create and publish on YouTube a detailed video about your “OnePlus Story,” or share the best photo you can on Instagram taken on a OnePlus One with no editing whatsoever.  

Two grand prize winners will be selected from the video contest, while just one is chosen from the photo contest. To sum up the video contest rules, you will need to publish a video shot in landscape mode with a resolution of nothing less than 1080p. Although, OnePlus states 4K is preferred. The OnePlus team will choose 10 finalists from the group, then forum members will vote who wins the grand prize.

For the Instagram contest, you need to take the best shot you can using no editing or filters. Just pure digital photography skills. Do note, you can use your OnePlus One’s built-in settings adjusters; just no coloring filters. You will be asked to send in the original file if chosen as a winner. 10 finalists will be selected based on popularity aka “likes” on Instagram. Then, forum members will choose a grand prize winner. So, if you don’t have a OnePlus One or don’t think you can get enough friends to “like” your photo on Instagram, you may be screwed.

If you win either of the contests, your calendar will need to be clear on or around June 28, 2015. That’s when you fly out to Hong Kong.

Think you have what it takes? Best of luck.

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