Android M Feature: Be Gone Terrible Lollipop Volume Controls!

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You know how the volume/do-not-disturb combination of things in Lollipop drove almost all of you nuts? Google heard you loud and clear and have attempted to fix the volume situation with Android M. We now have simplified volume controls that actually make sense and work like they used to.

As you will see in the video below, you can once again press the volume down button on your phone to take you all the way to vibrate, but another tap then jumps into silent mode, which really is now Do Not Disturb mode (again). That mode makes everything quiet, outside of alarms, which is exactly how it should be and should have been. 

Outside of the silent mode returning, you can drop down the volume pop-up to reveal quick access to individual controls for media and alarms.

Do Not Disturb mode has changed quite a bit, though, so to read through its changes, hit up this featured post.


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