Moto 360’s Monolink Band is Back In-Stock at Moto Maker

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The Monolink band for the Moto 360 is back in-stock at Moto Maker! This is the little beauty that we took for a spin a couple of weeks ago.

This band, which has been hard to come by since the smartwatch’s introduction, will cost you an extra $50 on your custom Moto 360 order. And yes, you are still only able to buy it through the Moto Maker process, not as a stand-alone watch band. I can’t tell you why that is, it just is. 

Still, this might just be the best looking metal watch band for any smartwatch, so if you are in the market for a Moto 360, consider this add-on. Also, keep in mind that this band will more than likely work with the next generation Moto 360, meaning the investment may be well worth it. At least, that’s our thought on owning one.

To see the Monolink band in action, be sure to watch our video preview of it below. If still images are more your thing, we have a bunch of those here.



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