Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S6 Edge

galaxy s6 s6 edge

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Our full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are almost here, which is good news for everyone, since April 10 is officially launch day for both devices across the US (and most of the globe). Before we get there, we have one last video to share – a comparison of the two side-by-side that talks about the subtle differences between each. 

We have already gone through unboxings of each, gave you 25+ tips and tricks, walked through Edge-specific features, and compared them to the iPhone 6 and HTC One M9. You probably know just about all there is to know about the hardware and software features of each. Still, getting both phones together on camera is worth doing.

In the clip below, we walk through the minor spec differences, subtle exterior changes, software enhancements on the Edge, and in general, how they compare in the “hand test.”


galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge-9

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge-8

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge-5

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge-4

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge-2



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