Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unboxing

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While Kellen is handling the full review for the Samsung Galaxy S6, I will be conducting the Galaxy S6 Edge review, and I have to say, I am very happy to have this phone in my hands.

After seeing countless other opinions on it from various sites across the web, it seems that many of my fellow tech bloggers find the S6 Edge’s display to simply be a gimmick. While I think gimmick is the wrong word to use, I find the phone to be rather attractive, so I will be dedicating the next week of my life to testing it completely.

And the only correct way to start this process is to make an unboxing video. 

My initial reaction after unboxing the phone is pure joy. The S6 Edge feels fantastic in-hand, and when compared to the Galaxy S5, it’s a complete night and day difference. Samsung really stepped up its hardware game for 2015. But what about TouchWiz? So far, the phone feels rather smooth during operation, likely thanks to Samsung’s Exynos octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Regardless of whether Samsung had to use brute force to hammer out the jank, this is definitely a step in the positive direction for the whole Galaxy lineup.

Below, check out the unboxing video, then be on the lookout for our full review coming shortly.


Galaxy S6 Edge - 1

Galaxy S6 Edge - 8

Galaxy S6 Edge - 5

Galaxy S6 Edge - 5 Galaxy S6 Edge - 4 Galaxy S6 Edge - 3 Galaxy S6 Edge - 9 Galaxy S6 Edge - 7



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