Photos Reportedly Showcase LG’s Upcoming G4 Note, But We Kinda Doubt It

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According to a user on the XDA forums, who says he works for a, “major carrier” in the US and, “gets to see these devices in development stages,” claims that he has in his possession the rumored G4 Note device from LG.

The device was first mentioned only earlier this week when reports began circulating that the G4 flagship device would not feature any metal materials, but an even more premium device, claimed to be the G4 Note, would in fact feature metal. 

Now, the images posted are quite clear and not blurry, so we must give credit where credit is due. According to the leaker, we can easily see where a stylus is slotted in the top left on the backside of the device. However, as many other people across the web have already pointed out, that is likely to be a TV antenna slot which LG features for Korean markets. The same exact slot can be seen in this photo here, which is of our Korean model G3 from last year.

In addition, after looking through the photos a bit more, the numerical name for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 610 processor, which is MSM8936, can be seen in the baseband version under Software Info. If the G4 Note is said to be more premium than the G4, then we wholly doubt that it will run a Snapdragon 610 processor. While sure, this could be an early prototype running completely different innards, we just think it to be highly unlikely.

In addition, the bezels on this device are rather large, appearing to be much more prominent in the design than that of the G3’s. The display itself does appear to be rather big, but nothing about the look of this phone screams next-gen.

At the end of the day, this is likely not the G4 Note, and instead, is possibly a mid-range device bound for overseas markets with a TV antenna.

What is your take?

Update: Well, would you look at that. The OP has posted another photo on XDA, this time, showing off what looks like a stylus. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but to me, it sort of looks like he ripped out the antenna (given its metallic color), and his finger is covering up where the antenna slides inside of itself. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but until LG announces this thing, nothing is confirmed.

LG G4 Note Thing

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