LG G4 May Not Feature Metal After All, but the “G4 Note” Might

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As we near closer to LG’s announcement of the G4, we have been getting excited, mainly with the company’s reported upcoming usage of metal in the device’s design. However, if the latest news from overseas it true, then we are not so excited anymore. 

According to ZDNet, LG may not feature metal in the G4, but instead, will change up the materials used in a device later this year known as the G4 Note. Now, it was reported earlier this year that LG would have a phone that stood above the G series later in 2015, but if it’s this rumored G4 Note, we don’t know what to think at this point.

Due to possible manufacturing issues, mass producing metal cases for a flagship device is said not to be in LG’s cards at the moment, but will be later this year for a more premium device.

Personally, if LG actually releases a phone called the G4 Note, I won’t be able to stop laughing at the company’s originality. With HTC continuing to use metal in the One M9, and Samsung’s push to incorporate metal and glass, this was LG’s shot at producing a truly premium material device. If the G4 is another plastic flagship, we are already off to a bad start.


Via: G For Games | ZDNet



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