Nexus 6 Now Available From Verizon for $249

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There she is, the Google whale on Verizon. Go get your Nexus 6 if for some reason you decided to skip on the unlocked version through Google Play, which we showed you months ago works fine on Verizon’s network.

For $249 on-contract, $27.08 per month on Verizon Edge, or $649 off contract, this phone can be yours, “Verizon” logo included.¬†According to Verizon’s website, the Nexus 6 is essentially just up for pre-order, with an expected ship date of March 18.

On a random note, Verizon claims that the Nexus 6 comes in black, yet we know that Google only made it in white or blue. Mistake or did Big Red get some sort of exclusive on the black color? (Edit:  Verizon clarified to us that it does indeed come in blue and they are updating the page today.)

Be sure to read our Nexus 6 review if you haven’t already.

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