HTC One (M9) Artist Concept Renders Give High Quality Look at What Could Be

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We are still a couple weeks away from the unveiling of the One (M9) aka Hima, and with no official look quite yet at what HTC is cooking up, artists are having to take leaked images from around the web, then do their best at delivering what they think the final product will look like.

We have seen this scenario already play out with the upcoming Galaxy S6, and while the final product may look different than what we see here, high quality artist depictions of new flagships are just fun to look at. 

As stated on the artist’s Facebook page, these images were created using the latest leaks from around the web. Even though artists may intend to deliver the best look at an unannounced device, there is always the possibility that the One (M9) will look nothing like this.

Going over the photos below, there are a couple things that should definitely change, but seeing as how they are quite minor, we think this is quite the intriguing device. The first big change would need to be the skin, of course. While the One (M9) is sure to ship with Lollipop, there is no way it will be without HTC’s Sense UI, so feel free to ignore that aspect of the render for now. The next big beef I would have, personally, is a square camera on the backside of the device. With a rounded body, I would hope HTC sticks with the circular cutout on back, giving off a more natural aesthetic.

Other than that, these are some of the highest quality artist concept renders we have seen in a long time, so feel free to scroll through, then hit up the source page for even more.

Throw your comments below, but as always, remember that these are not official images and are merely concept renders.

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