Artist Concept Renders of Samsung Galaxy S6 Hit the Web, Heavily Reminiscent of iPhone

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Posted by, we have one artist’s concept of what the Galaxy S6 might look like, using the metal framing which showed up earlier today. First, do note these are merely concept renderings, meaning there is always the chance that the Galaxy S6 will look nothing like this. Although, try not to be too skeptical. As we inch closer to an unveiling, which will take place at MWC, that often allows for more accurate leaks and info to blossom. 

In these renders, we get a great look at what could be Samsung’s new take on design. Most obvious is the lack in bezel size surrounding the display, which would be much welcomed after what we saw on the Galaxy S5. In addition, note the headphone jack and speaker placement, both being on bottom, sitting next to the microUSB port.

The device looks incredibly flat, featuring no protruding camera lens. The back appears to be completely flush with the metallic siding, which is why many would recognize this as an iPhone design. To us, yes, it does look somewhat similar to an iPhone 5S.

According to the report accompanying the images, the Galaxy S6 is to feature a 5.1″ QHD display, and have a 16MP camera with OIS on its backside.

Take a look at the photos, then drop your thoughts in the comments. And please, remember, these are just artist concept renders.

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