HTC: 2015 Roadmap is “Our Best Ever,” With “Huge Surprises” on the Way


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HTC’s 2014 was certainly better than its 2013. They released the One (M8) (our review), a beautifully crafted smartphone that few can match in terms of build quality. They teamed up with Google to produce the newest Nexus tablet, the Nexus 9 (our review). They entered new product categories with their RE camera and slapped 13MP cameras into the fronts of phones because…selfies. But maybe most importantly, they actually managed to turn a little profit in Q3 of this year and stop the years and years of bleeding. Sure, their revenues are still in decline as sales also continue to slide, but hey, profit is profit. HTC will take whatever they can at this point. 

According to Jeff Gordon, the senior global online communications manager at HTC, we should expect an even better year from the Taiwanese company in 2015. Not that we would expect him to say anything else about his own employer, but a Tweet sent by Gordon this morning makes it sound as if there could be a few surprises in store.

Gordon mentioned that he “can’t wait to show” us what HTC has been working on, that their 2015 roadmap will be their “best ever,” and that “some huge surprises will blow you away.”

Sounds, promising.



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