Pushbullet Introduces Channels, Automatic Alerts Across Devices From Your Favorite Things

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Our friends over at Pushbullet released yet another new and amazing feature this morning for their cross-platform notification/sharing/do-all-the-things service, called Channels. You could think of Channels a bit like IFTTT‘s automation, in that they help to automatically alert you to things you care the most about, across all of your devices, at the same time. Channels are subscribe-able notification feeds that channel owners can push alerts through. Make sense? 

For example, you could subscribe to the Droid Life news channel, to receive alerts on your devices the minute a new story goes live. Or maybe you just want to be alerted to new Droid Life reviews or video uploads – those could be individual channels to subscribe to as well. You can even create your own Channels through the Pushbullet site.

Channels are awesome through Pushbullet because if you receive alerts through a subscribed channel, you will see the alert on all devices. But then once you check that alert on one device, it will disappear on the others since you have already checked it. Remember, Pushbullet syncs across multiple devices.

You can check out Pushbullet Channels here.

To create your own, head over to the Pushbullet site, login, tap on your profile icon (top right), and then select “My Channels.”

Here are some DL Channels to get you started:

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