NVIDIA Confirms Existence of HTC Nexus 9 in Own Legal Documents, Launch Expected in Q3

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Rumors of an HTC-made Nexus device have been floating around for a little while, but thanks to the keen eyes over at Bright Side of News, the existence of the Nexus 9 and its release timeframe is basically now confirmed.

Stated within NVIDIA’s own legal filings, documents which pertain to the company’s upcoming legal battle with Qualcomm and Samsung over GPU technology patents, the company specifically names the new Nexus device, claiming it will be powered by a Tegra K1 processor, expected to see release in Q3 of this year. 

The previous rumors also suggested that the Tegra K1 would power the upcoming tablet, but with NVIDIA stating it themselves, we no longer have to rely on rumors for that information.

Given that we are now in Q3 of 2014, it appears we won’t have much longer to wait until Google unveils what they have been working on. With a new Nexus tablet, we can also expect a full version of Android L ready for the masses, as well as, and hopefully, a new Nexus smartphone at some point.

All we can really say is, thanks, NVIDIA.


Via: Bright Side of News | NVIDIA



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