Question of the Day: What is Your Morning Android Routine?

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This morning, the official Android Twitter account posted a question to its followers that we loved so much, we decided to steal it. Well, sort of. They asked, “After you’ve hit snooze for the last time, what’s the first thing you use your #Android phone for in the morning?” Our question has been tweaked slightly,¬†asking for your typical Android routine in the morning, but they are similar. We want to know what apps you use before anything else or how you get ready for the day with technology, that type of thing.

I can tell you that before I get out of bed, I turn off the previous night’s¬†sleep activity tracking on my newly acquired Jawbone UP24 and make sure it syncs. Then, I swipe down the notification pull-down on my phone to see what kind of a mess I have to clean up, which then leads into a jump through to my inbox. From there, I tend to cruise into Feedly to check for news we have yet to be tipped about and then Google Now for weather info or upcoming calendar appointments, before finishing off with non-worked-related Instagram and sports updates. Once that is all done, it’s off to the coffee maker.

So what is yours like? When you wake up in the morning, roll over and grab your smartphone, what is the first thing (or things) you do? What does your morning routine look like on an Android device?



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