Add Motorola XT1112 to the List of Possible “Shamu” Devices

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A Motorola device under the codename “shamu” is largely thought to be the next Nexus device from Google. With that bit of information made public through a couple of reports, tech enthusiasts are doing anything in their power to try and find mentions or appearances of the device, because well, Nexus remains a huge deal in the Android world. With that in mind, feel free to add a Motorola phone under the model number XT1112 to your list of possible “shamu” devices.

The model number appeared this week through Zauba, an import/export tracking system in India that has been both correct and wrong in the past at helping us track down future devices. In other words, add the number to the list, but don’t invest deeply in it. 

The listing does have a description of “SHAMU PHONES (PROTOTYPE) (FOR DEMO PURPOSE) MOTOROLA XT1112,” so yes, it does actually mention “shamu.” Again, accept it as a potential piece to the puzzle and nothing more.

As of today, we have more Motorola model numbers to keep track of than I think we can even actually keep track of. We have XT1063/XT1068/XT1069 (all new Moto G variants), XT1096 (Verizon Moto X+1), XT1097 (GSM Moto X+1), XT1254 (reports suggest a new flagship DROID), and XT1112. Got that all straight?

motorola shamu

Via:  Zauba | Gizmobic



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