Google is Cleaning Up Its Google Play Edition Section – Only One (M8), Moto G, and Galaxy S4 Remain

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Just before Google I/O, we pointed out the fact that the majority of Google Play Edition devices on Google Play had become depleted of inventory, with only the One (M8) and Moto G showing as available for purchase. We weren’t sure what to make of it at the time, but as of today, Google has begun to wipe out devices that no longer have or haven’t had inventory for some time.¬†

If you head over to the Google Play page for GPE devices, you will notice that only the HTC One (M8), Moto G, and Galaxy S4 are left standing. The Galaxy S4 GPE has been out of stock since June 20, so we aren’t exactly sure why it remains. Chances are that it will be replaced by the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition before long, assuming that device is still on the way.

So if you were holding out hope for new stock arriving for the Z Ultra, G Pad 8.3 or One (M7) GPE units, you can stop. They appear to be gone forever. The specific pages for those devices have also been changed to “no longer available for sale.”

Edit:  Google has also removed the Z Ultra, One (2013), and G Pad 8.3 from their country availability Google Play support page as well. They are indeed gone, folks.

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