Blek Finally Hits Google Play After Becoming Highly-celebrated Puzzler on iOS

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I can’t talk about Blek without telling a brief story. Thanks to a few of my friends who exclusively run iOS devices, who are always showing off the latest games they have, I am continuously left feeling jealous of their access to certain titles. Heck, Tiny Wings still hasn’t made its way to Android, and at this point, I doubt it ever will.

Blek was the latest game that my friends showed off, then they joked that Android would never see it. Well, I am happy to report that the game is now available for Android through Google Play. 

Blek is an minimal puzzler game, which forces players to use their imagination to solve puzzles. The goal is to create a gesture with your finger, which will then make its way through a level, hitting colored bubbles. But be careful, you don’t want to hit black bubbles. Obstacles are in your way through the harder levels, so you will find yourself going through a trial and error process throughout almost every level. But again, this is a puzzler, and it’s okay to get it wrong a few times.

As for performance, the app is very smooth and polished. It also features a soft soundtrack, which should help ease your frustration of countless gesture deaths.

The game costs $2.99 on Google Play, so go check it out.

Play Link ($2.99)




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