Google Play Device Page Says Google Glass is Available in the UK, Except It Isn’t (Updated: It Is Now)

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Google Play’s country availability page for countries was updated this morning to include a listing for Google Glass, showing that the wearable was available in the UK. Of course, we know that Google Glass isn’t available in the UK, so what’s the story?

Well, this page is typically pretty accurate. It lists all devices available on Google Play and which countries those devices are available in. When Nest showed up on this list prematurely, Google made it available on Google Play shortly after. When the Nest Protect landed on Google Play last week, it made it to this list first. So this list, is legit. I wouldn’t expect Google to put something on it without meaning to do so. The listing links to this support page, which doesn’t mention anything else related to Google Play. 

This could have happened prematurely, but if anything, this is a sign that Glass is expanding to the rest of the world, probably in the near future.

We will keep an eye on it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.39.00 AM

Update:  Glass is now available in the UK. (Cheers Canard!)

Here is the Google Play link and also the UK Glass site.

Update 2:  Glass in the UK will run £1,000.


Via:  Google Support



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