Pressy is Actually Shipping, App Hits Google Play

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Everyone remember Pressy? That would be the Kickstarter funded button that plugs in to your phone via headphone jack, so that it can then be used to trigger actions on your phone. It is yet another Kickstarter project that sounded amazing at inception, but its creators have struggled with the manufacturing portion.

There have been delays if you think about the original ship date which was slated for March. Companies like Xiaomi thought the idea was awesome, so they copied Pressy to a T and have already released their version which costs a fraction of Pressy’s $17-20 price tag. There are other knock-offs of the project filling eBay by the day, leaving Pressy fans a little more than frustrated. It’s a mess. 

But hey, they told backers (me included) that Pressy is actually shipping! Over 15,000 orders were processed and shipped yesterday, with estimated arrival times of this Wednesday. The rest will arrive within 5-14 days, though some may slip to 21 days depending on your location.

Also, the Pressy app is now live on Google Play. You can install it if you would like to, but you won’t be able to use it until you receive your Pressy. In the package with your button, you will receive an activation code for the app that unlocks it.

Anyone receive shipment notification on their Pressy? Have you already moved on? Do you hate Kickstarter as much as I do at this point?

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