Deal: Grab the Moto Stream for $25 With Coupon Code (50% Off)

Motorola’s new Bluetooth music streaming device, the Moto Stream, can be had through their own shop today for 50% off, which brings its $50 price down to $25.

For those new to the Moto Stream, think of it as a discount-Nexus Q. You can team up with friends to all stream your favorite tunes through it, but it only does music, whereas the Nexus Q connected to your TV to let you stream movies, music, and other media. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid little gadget, it just isn’t anything more than a Bluetooth music, dongly, thing that connects to speakers.

On that note, the Moto Stream is not a speaker; it connects to speakers you already own, so don’t buy this expecting it to produce sound for you as well. 

Hit up the link below, then plug-in in code “PC7!3!RAK” at checkout.

Motorola Link

moto stream deal

Via:  Slickdeals
Cheers Scott and thebeeobee!



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