“Orange Is The New App” Released to Google Play, Netflix’s Series Gets Its Own App

Have you been watching Orange Is The New Black, Netflix’s exclusive series, taking place inside of a female correctional facility? If you have been hesitant to give it a try, go for it – it’s actually pretty funny. Anyway, Netflix has released an official companion app for the series, allowing users to dive even deeper into a comedic drama that takes place inside¬†Litchfield.¬†

For example, users can shop their own face onto a character, who is Alex’s “little spoon.” While it is rather odd, fans of the series may get a kick out of it. You can also create your own character memes, then share them with the Interwebz with the app’s built-in social network integration.

Of course, the app is completely free, so give it a shot if you love yourself some Piper Chapman.

Warning: This app contains season 2 spoilers. If you hate spoilers, don’t download.

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