A Silent Wood Offers Minimal Take on RPG Titles, Available on Google Play for $0.99

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Personally, I am a FPS guy, but there have been plenty of RPG games that have consumed my life for months at a time. It is hard for me to get very consumed on long games for Android, but once in a while, I stumble upon one that catches my attention very well.

The newest RPG to interest me is called A Silent Wood. Surprisingly, the game features no crazy graphics or imagery, but you are met with only a somewhat-spooky soundtrack and text on your display. 

In the game, you are in the woods, alone in the dark. Quickly, you light a fire, encounter new folks, and build up your own little establishment. While at times it is hard to understand what to do, the story is quite intriguing. To start off, your main goal is to collect fire wood (to keep your fire going), build carts and traps for food, and meet new people who can help you.

All in all, it’s a neat game, but we just wish there was a bit more character and story development throughout.

The games costs $1, featuring no IAPs. Go check it out.

Play Link ($0.99)



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