Tip: Google Search Results Now Show Recipe Ingredient Checklists

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OK, this could be old, but we were not aware of it until Google Tweeted a picture of it moments ago. The tip is this – if you are searching for a recipe or food type, you can have search results display an ingredient checklist for you that can be checked off to narrow your list of recipes. Again, this may have been buried in the search options for a while, but if you look at Google’s Tweet or the duplicate post to Google+, everyone seems to be as lost as we initially were. Thankfully, a little poking around has led us to the ingredient list promised land. 

So this is how you get a checklist of ingredients to help narrow your search, as is pictured above:

  1. Search for a recipe in Chrome on your phone.
  2. When the search list pops up, tap on the “More” button in the top right.
  3. Then tap “Search tools.”
  4. You should now have new line of search tools, one of which is “Ingredients.”
  5. Tap “Ingredients” and you will see a list appear with check boxes for “yes” or “no.”
  6. As you tap “yes” or “no” the page should refresh with recipes that feature those ingredients.

Also, I like the zero bezel phone render used. 🙂

Via:  @Android



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