New Motorola Codenames – XPlus1, xWatch, Titan, Quantum, and ULine – Talk Carriers and Verizon VoLTE

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Motorola’s Punit Soni may or may not have just confirmed to us that the next Moto device will have a 1080p screen. The question now is – what phone was he using? Is it the Moto X+1 or something else altogether? Thanks to a leak through Hello Moto HK, who did some digging around in Motorola’s Bug2Go software, we may have a couple of options to consider. They were able to find six codenames for unreleased Motorola devices, a couple of which could be for the Moto 360, another than has to be the Moto X+1, and one that mentions “VoLTE” and “VZW.” 

We aren’t exactly sure how they got inside Bug2Go, but as you can see from the screenshots below, we have all sorts of goodies to talk about from the digging. First off, we have a codename of “Xplus1” which has to be the oft-rumored Moto X+1. There are separate lines for AT&T, Latin America, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon variants, so like last year’s Moto X launch, we should expect the new model to be everywhere we need it to be.

Another couple of codenames that stood out were “xWatch” and “xClock.” Both sound like they could be Moto 360 variants, though we are not sure why the need for two codenames. Either way, keep them on your list of codenames to search for.

And finally, Titan (a name we heard a lot in early 2013 from sources, but never saw surface), Quantum, and ULine also made appearances. I’m not sure what happened to Titan, but the lines mentioning ULine also talk about VoLTE and Verizon. Is that a reference to a VoLTE-only phone on Verizon or just one that is capable of running on Verizon’s soon-to-be-launched VoLTE network?

Codenames do not often tell us all of the dirty details, but they almost always help lead us down a path that ends up providing them. Codenames tend be spotted on places like benchmark sites that could give us clues into device specs. We love codenames.

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