LG G Watch Gets Fondled, Well, an Early Barely Functional Prototype Did

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A German tech site managed to get its hands on the LG G Watch during the London unveiling of the LG G3, giving us a glimpse into…well, not much. Even with translations turned on, there really isn’t much to see (or hear) other than what appears to be an early prototype of the G Watch running an incredibly early build of Android Wear┬áthat can’t do much.

You can see a settings menu with a white background and blue icons. There is a dedicated button for voice commands. A clock makes an appearance at some point too, though only as a tiny icon that can’t be read. And yeah…oh, this is the gold and white version of the G Watch.

Am I missing something? I hope we see something more polished than this at Google I/O in a couple of weeks.



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