AT&T Introduces Multi-Device Protection Plan, Insurance Program for Multiple Non-Connected Devices

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I’m a perennial breaker. If you are like me, you damage your expensive electronics often. Not by choice, mind you, but whether it be a hard fall onto concrete or an unfortunate dip in a snowbank, my gadgets have taken quite the accidental beating. Sure, I could buy insurance, but it would only cover my smartphone, not my laptop or tablet.

So what are my options? Until very recently, nothing affordable, but AT&T must have heard my prayers. Starting today, the carrier will begin offering the Multi-Device Protection Pack, a program which insures a smartphone and up to two additional devices. 

The plan, which runs $29.99 a month, must first be applied to a postpaid smartphone connected to the AT&T network. The second two devices, though, do not have that requirement; any eligible tablet, laptop, or handset – connected or non-connected – is applicable for coverage.

AT&T is also introducing so-called “vanishing deductibles” with the Multi-Device Protection Pack. The longer you enroll in the plan without filing a claim, the higher the discount on your standard deductible. Six months without a claim is 25% off, while 12 months is 50%.

If I were an AT&T subscriber, I would probably jump on this plan in a heartbeat. Until Verizon pries unlimited data from my butterfingers, though (which wouldn’t be all that difficult), I guess I’m resigned to be “more careful.” We will see how that works out.


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