Galaxy S5: 25+ Tips and Tricks

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A new flagship has landed, so as always, we want to make sure you know how to use all of its best features with 25+ tips and tricks. Actually, most would consider the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be the flagship of the year, that is, until someone comes along and dethrones it. So since this device is as important as any, we spent some extra time running through this series of feature highlights. 18-minutes worth, to be exact. 

The clip below starts off with a look at the lock screen and then moves onto things like how you can disable Samsung’s painfully bare bones My Magazine. There are camera tips and tricks, a look at Ultra Power Saving Mode and One-handed Operation, how to enable Toolbox and Multi Window, the easiest ways to customize your home screens, how to quickly disable apps, and finally, how the tinkerers in the building can find Developer Options.

Again, it’s a lengthy video that covers a major portion of the Galaxy S5’s best features. Give it a look and then let us know if you need more.




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