Using “Toolbox” on the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung is known for tossing all sorts of gimmicky software features into its flagship Galaxy phones. Some are neat tricks that you’ll seldom use, while others look great on a press event stage and almost no where else. But the new Galaxy S5 has one in particular that is actually pretty useful – it’s called Toolbox.

Toolbox is in a way a lot like some of the floating apps we have seen over the last year (Chat Heads or Floating Notifications), in that it displays itself as a circle that floats with you to any screen. It can go transparent if you aren’t using it much and light back up the minute you touch it. It’s useful, though, because you can attach five of your favorite apps to it, making them accessible anywhere. 

In the video, you’ll see how you could use it to jump back into the browser to grab a phone number while starting out in the dialer. Or maybe you are in the middle of browsing Droid Life and then realize you need quick access to the camera – a tap on Toolbox could provide you with a shortcut to the camera app.

To see it in action, along with a quick setup tutorial, check out the video below.




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